Simple and Efficient Services
to Manage your Cash Flow

Your business depends on banking that is both comprehensive and easy to navigate. Discover the services we offer to help you achieve your financial goals.

Online Banking

Banking from the comfort of your home. Our free service brings your Stockmans Bank accounts right to your computer.

– View real-time balances on your accounts
– View and print images of your cancelled checks
– Transfer funds between your Stockmans Bank accounts
– Set up alerts to track your account balances, incoming deposits and more
– Export your banking transactions into Quicken or QuickBooks

Contact your local branch for Online Banking enrollment and set-up, based on the features your business requires.

Mobile Banking

With the Stockmans Bank App, count on quick and secure access to your accounts 24/7 using your phone or smart device. Move funds, check history or pay a bill all with the quick slide or tap. Our alerts gives you the ability to stay in touch with your finances.

– Explore current balances and activity on accounts
– Move your money where you need it with fast funds transfer
– View images of checks written and deposits made
– Deposit checks with your mobile device with Mobile Deposit
– Once you are enrolled in the online banking, simply search for Stockmans Bank on your phones App Store or Google Play

Bill Pay

Make sure that your monthly bills arrive securely and on-time with fast payment processing through Bill Pay. Access your Online Banking profile to pay bills anytime.

– Securely pay anyone, anytime, 24-hours a day
– Quick and simple to add a payee and a bill payment
– Automatic Bill Reminders: Set up email notifications for important due dates
– Set up one-time or recurring bill payments
– Pay individuals and businesses of all sizes

Bill Pay can be set up for you during the Online Banking enrollment process, based on the features your business requires.  For further questions or assistance please visit our FAQs page or Contact Us.


Credit Cards

A card brought to you by the bank you know best. Increase your purchasing power with our credit cards and enjoy great benefits. Multiple options that fit your needs!

Rewards Platinum
– Earn one point per dollar on net purchases
– Redeem points for merchandise, rental cars, cruises, hotels and airline travel

Cash Rewards Platinum
– Earn 1% cash back on net purchases

Platinum Edition
– No penalty APR and low-interest rates*
*Based on creditworthiness


Sweep Services

A passive tool that allows you to automatically sweep (move) funds between your Stockmans Bank accounts. Sweep services help you to save time and maximize your money.

Sweep to Earn: Automatically sweep excess funds from your Checking Account to an Interest-Bearing Account.
Sweep to Save: Set up automatic transfers to your Savings Account or your child’s Savings Account
to meet your savings goals.
Overdraft Sweep: Avoid paying overdraft fees by sweeping needed funds to cover any NSF items
from another account.
Sweep to Borrow: Maintain your desired Checking Account balance by pulling necessary funds
from your Line of Credit.
Sweep to Pay: Automatically transfer excess funds into your Checking Account, then use them
to pay down a Stockmans Bank Loan or Line of Credit.

Still need help? Please see our FAQs or Contact Us

Cash Management Services

We offer advanced cash management tools that simplify the most essential tasks,
leaving you with more time to focus on your business

Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit allows your business to make a check deposit without leaving the office. Deposits are made by
using a desktop scanner connected to your PC, which sends the image to the bank to be processed and deposited
into your account.

– Provides convenient online access to check images for future reference
– Allows you to create detailed reports to assist with accounting management
– Allows you to make as many deposits as you need, day or night
– Reduces deposit errors and fraudulent activity
– Funds deposited up until 8pm are credited same day

A Stockmans Bank representative will facilitate an on-site install of your scanner and take you through making
your first deposit ensuring a smooth transition.

Wire Transfer

Create and initiate a Domestic Wire Transfer quickly and easily within your Stockmans Bank Online Banking.

– Create a one time wire transfer or create a template for future use
– Added security by requiring dual control to create/initiate and review/approve each wire transfer
  before it can be submitted for processing
– Delegate and monitor all activity by designating user and approval limits for each Authorized User
– Receive e-mail alerts when wire transfers are awaiting approval or submitted for final processing

Positive Pay

Positive Pay automatically compares all checks presented against checks issued to make sure there is no fraudulent activity occurring on your account, based on the list you provide to the bank. We alert you to any potential discrepancies before debiting your account which allows you to decide which checks should be authorized or declined.


Conveniently process payroll or other cash disbursements by sending an ACH, all from your online banking platform. Set up re-occurring payments from your customers to make sure you are always paid on time.

*All ACH activity must be NACHA compliant

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